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Time makes fools of us all

– The Ninja

There's one born every minute

"Good value" products

Disclaimer: No products of any kind are provided.

Dream Vision Quest

You will receive nothing.

  THB 3'000'000'000

Life as a Traffic Light

Outlook is changeable.

AED 4'000'000

Is it Aliens?

It's never aliens.

SGD 40'000'000

Secret Project

Details to be revealed at the next ninja parade.

VND 3'500'000'000'000

The best source of no-ledge on the Interwebz

Ledge-free content guaranteed.*
  • Not actually guaranteed

Eh Be

How "Big Ninja" controls your mind.

You cannot read this article. You want to read this article but you cannot. Big Ninja!

See Dee

You'll die on Mars.

Prepare for your upcoming abduction.

Ie Efe

Counterpoint: You won't die on Mars

Yes, you will. They are among us. They cannot be stopped.

Why would I want anyone to contact me?

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